Scheduling & Essential Services Agreement

CUPE has issued strike notice for October 28, 2013 at 7:00AM.


As required by legislation, Lions PCC and CUPE Local 3729 have agreed to an Essential Services Agreement (ESA). As a result, when the strike begins, a number of CUPE members are required by the ESA to report for work as scheduled and to do their essential work functions.


For your further information, the Essential Services Agreement (ESA) sets out what essential work functions will continue to be performed by CUPE members during the strike. As a result, the Employer has developed new work routines to be performed by the CUPE members who are scheduled to work. Employees will be given the new work routines when they report to work as scheduled. (In process of contacting employer to develop the work routine).


As per the ESA, the Union is responsible for scheduling.  The schedule for the first two weeks of the strike has already been done and for those CUPE members required to work, they have been given a copy of their schedule, an in-person discussion or had a message left at the contact telephone number about their schedule. A copy of the schedule has also been given to the Employer. If you are unclear about if and when you are scheduled to work, it is your obligation to contact the Union at (204) 918-9486 to obtain this information.


ESA work schedules for CUPE members will continue to be developed for the duration of the strike and continue to be communicated by the Union to the Employer and to the affected employees.   It is necessary for employees working under the ESA to ensure they obtain their work schedules from the Union once the schedule is prepared and available.  This process is intended to ensure all employees: (1) know their hours of work and (2) report to work to perform the required essential services.  


Pursuant to ESA legislation, you are required to work as scheduled.  It is your obligation to:

       know when you are scheduled to work

       report to work as scheduled and

       perform your essential services work

       adhere to proper protocol for calling in sick

       in the event of an unanticipated increase in essential services demand or an emergency situation, upon notification, report to work.



During the strike, the Union and the Employer will be in contact about essential services issues. If you have questions, please feel free to contact your union representative.